Best Tactical Gear for Gel Balling

Any gel balling enthusiast needs the right gear and equipment to perfect their game. Tactical gear prepares you for games, ensuring you have the right protection and practical clothing and accessories to master the sport. Our range of gel balling tactical gear has everything that you need to get out there with your gel blaster and be every bit the hero.

When you're looking for essential gel balling gear, there are some essential items you'll want to make sure you have. Don't get out onto the battlefield without ensuring you have these must-haves on your person.

Masks and Helmets

Protecting your head and face is vital when you're gel balling. Gel balls typically won't do more than sting on impact, before they dissolve, but you still want to prevent them from hitting you where it could hurt more. A helmet and/or mask will help to protect you, and it gives you better camouflage while you're playing too.

Increase your safety with a sturdy tactical helmet that will protect your head and make sure you look the part too. If you're looking for a mask, they're available in various styles and can help to protect both your face and eyes. Choose an adjustable mask that can be fitted comfortably to your face and will deliver the protection that you need. Reliable eye protection is important when gel balling, so if your mask doesn't have a visor, don't forget to get something to cover your eyes. A pair of hard safety goggles will ensure you have clear vision but won't be risking a serious accident.

Tactical Vests and Chest Rigs

Tactical vests are ideal for carrying all of your gear with ease, and they also protect your torso while you're on the field. They feature pouches and pockets where you can store your mags and other essential equipment, giving you the option of easy reloading and quick access to anything you might need. Loops and straps also mean that you can attach anything else you might want to carry using carabiner clips and other methods.

Chest rigs are a similar option, with some made in military style and offering plenty of different pockets and straps for holding your things. Our vests and chest rigs are available in a range of sizes to help you get one that's comfortable for you and provides good coverage.

Slings, Holsters, and Carriers

Gear to carry your gel blaster, ammo, and anything else you need will help you to remain hands-free when necessary. Slings are available in a range of styles so you can get one that suits you. Single-point slings will attach directly to your vest and blaster for easy carrying, with elastic options or metal latches.

Holsters are also a useful accessory to add to your gear, giving you a handy way to carry your pistol gel blasters. You can also explore a range of different options for carrying blasters, including bags and carry cases. And when you're not carrying around a blaster, having a stand for it is pretty useful too.

Mag Sleeves, Bands, and Grips

Of course, as well as carrying your gel blaster, you need to be able to carry around the ammunition. Mag bands, sleeves, and grips all give you options for keeping a good grip on your mag and giving your gear the right look too. You can also get pouches and other carrying options for your mags, which you can clip to a tactical vest or anywhere else it's convenient.


Another way to make sure you keep hold of your blaster is to wear the right pair of gloves. It's also great for keeping your hands warm on cooler days. Your gloves should give you a good grip and protect your hands while you're playing too. Fingerless gloves can give you a bit more flexibility, while still enabling you to get a good grip on your blaster while you're playing.

Tactical Boots

Finally, the right footwear can make all the difference in gel balling. With suitable boots, you can ensure you always have a good grip on the ground and that you're ready to manoeuvre in any direction. No matter what type of terrain you're covering or what environment you're in, you'll feel safe and ready to take on anything. Waterproof boots will prevent your feet from getting wet, even if you're walking through mud, puddles, and more.

Get essential tactical gear for gel balling to prepare yourself for anything. Whether you're training or getting ready for a big game, be sure to have the right clothing and equipment.

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