Discover The Key Differences Between Gel Balling And Paintballing

Discover The Key Differences Between Gel Balling And Paintballing

Gel balling and paintballing are two activities that on the surface seem more or less the same. Both involve firing balls filled with liquid at your opponent with one team coming out on top. However there are significant differences between the two. Here are some of the key points worth considering. 

Are Paintballs More Painful?

Arguably one of the most significant differences between paintballs and gel balls is that one hurts far more than the other. For instance, paintballs are more likely to leave bruises and marks on the skin where they have hit you. This is true, even if you wear protective clothing which is recommended at home and required at most paintballing sites for health and safety reasons. 

Gel balls may still hurt but you are far less likely to get significant bruising. Although this does depend on whether you are shot in close proximity. A gel ball hitting from a couple of feet away will more than sting.

Regardless of which option you choose, you do need to wear a mask that protects both your mouth and eyes. 

But why do paintballs hurt more than gel balls? 

Differences In Velocity

Another key difference between the two is the system that is used to fire the bullets. Paintball pellets are fired using a CO2 tank. This has the potential to shoot the balls out at a high velocity. In contrast, gel blasters only use water and a motor to fire the gel balls out. Due to this, they have a lower velocity compared with BB guns as well as paintball guns. This is the main reason why you are less likely to get injured when being shot with a gel ball. 

Easy Clean Up

Another practical difference is the clean up requirement. Paintballs are notoriously messy. The paint explodes everywhere. It won’t just hit the target. It may cover objects and items that surround the target. If you are playing outdoors this could include trees and if it’s an indoor arena, the walls will likely be covered by the end of a tournament. 

Gel balls on the other hand provide a far easier clean up job. Indeed, the gel that hits the target can be wiped off most materials. There’s no reason to worry about an expensive washing bill. 


There’s a trade off here which comes to the clean up. Since gel ball marks are easier to clean up and remove they are less visible during a tournament or match. This means that it can be tricky to know whether someone has been hit. Paintballs leave a highly visible mark and this is one of the reasons why they still have their fans, despite the pain they may cause.  

Green Friendly? 

Paintballs are not great for the environment. While the balls themselves are made from biodegradable material it’s the clean up that causes the most environmental damage. As mentioned, it can take a lot to clean up the mess from paintballs whether it’s on clothes or items and trees. As such, gel balls fired from gel blasters will always be the best option. Since these are easy to clean up, it requires less energy and therefore is better for the planet. 

The Experience 

Another big benefit of gel blasters is that they do look more like real guns because the motor is concealed inside. So, they can be more streamlined and stylised compared to your typical paintball gun. This makes for a more thrilling and playful experience when used in the right environment. 


Paintballing is always going to be more expensive compared to gelballing. One sport will require an arena specifically designed for this activity. Gelballing is something that you can try in an open location nearby your home. The guns used are roughly the same price but the paintball ammo is often far more expensive. 

Final Verdict: Which Is Better?

If you want a safer experience that is less likely to leave you battered and bruised, gel balling is the right option. It’s also more cost friendly and something that you can play with your friends around your home. Paintballing can only be experienced in a specialized arena, whether that’s outdoors or indoors. 

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