Choosing a Gel Blaster

Choosing a Gel Blaster

A Metal Gel Blaster (or gel ball blaster, hydro blaster, gel weapon) is like an air rifle intended to fire a gel pellet that has been absorbed by water (like an Orbeez). Gel blasters are like a paintball firearm and are getting more mainstream for use in activites such as paintball and laser tag.

Purchasing a Metal Gel Blaster firearm for the first time can be difficult as there are so many different types on the market! When purchasing your first Metal Gel Blaster, it is important to understand what you're searching for. Here are a few things we would recommend keeping in mind while you're deciding on which blaster to go for.

Set a Budget!

Gel blasters vary greatly in cost and when you add different parts or accessories the cost can creep up. Begin your search with a figure in mind and then see what is available in that price range. Be sure to keep in mind what things come with each blaster.

At Gel Ball Undercover we stock a range of different gas gel blasters at a wide variety of price points. We guarantee you'll find something at GBU!

Decide on what type of blaster
At Gel Ball Undercover we stock a wide variety of blasters including; Pistols, SMGs, Rifles, Snipers & Shotguns. You can spend hours on our site looking through each different type of blaster - pick a starting point and enjoy the process!

Although picking your blaster is exciting - keep in mind that safety is extremely important when it comes to gel blasting. We want you to stay safe out there and have a fantastic time. 



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