Gas vs Electric Gel Blasters: Which One is Right for You?

Gas vs Electric Gel Blasters: Which One is Right for You?

Ready to join the fun and exciting world of gel blasters? These popular toys have taken Australia by storm in the past couple of years, and show no signs of slowing down. While you can rent a gel blaster at a dedicated venue, you’ll have much more freedom to unpack all the adventurous possibilities if you have your own gel blaster. That way, you’ll just need to grab your friends and head to an appropriate playing field, and you’ll be all set to have hours of fun.

But of course, there’s a thing or two you’ll need to know before buying your own gel blaster. For instance, you’ll need to decide which type of blaster you’re looking for. While many toy blasters look the same, there can be big differences, such as the type of mechanism that powers the device. At Gel Ball Undercover, we offer two types of gel blasters: gas and electric. So which one is the right one for you? In this article, we’ll outline some key considerations to keep in mind which will help you to make the correct decision. 

How Much Power Do You Need?

The amount of power that your gel blaster can generate won’t be the only consideration, but if you’re looking for impact on the battlefield, then it’ll be an important one. While gas and electric gel blasters can look similar, they generally have different power capabilities.

You’ll usually find that gas gel blasters offer more power than electric gel blasters. This isn’t a hard and fast rule (some electric gel blasters can be very powerful), but if you’re looking at two devices in the same price range, then you can expect the gas gel blaster to have more firepower. 

The power of an electric gel blaster is often unrelated to the power of the battery; it’s more to do with the quality of the internal parts. With gas gel blasters, the gas canister is responsible for the amount of power it can generate. So in this sense, you can think of gas gel blasters as having an additional power source.

And that’s something that you can very much see in the FPS of electric and gas gel blasters. A powerful electric gel blaster will have an FPS of around 130 - 150, which is impressive not a patch on the 250 - 270 FPS of a similarly sized gas gel blaster. 

Power isn’t everything, but if you’re looking to pack a punch, then a gas gel blaster will be the way to go. 

How Realistic Do You Want It To Be?

There’s more than one way to enjoy a gel blaster. Some people just like to use theirs for target practice. Other people like to recreate the experience of being in an intense battlefield environment. If you’re looking to get as close to the real thing as possible, then it’s best to choose a gas gel blaster. These types of toy guns feel closer to the real thing than the electric option due to the post-firing recoil and the quality of the product, which makes them less prone to jam and longer lasting. 

Some people only buy a gel blaster to have fun, but if you’re investing in one with visions of recreating those battlefield scenes that you’ve seen in the movies, then a gas gel blaster will be the way to go. 

The Environment You’ll Be Using It 

There’s no such thing as the perfect gel blaster, only the one that’s perfect for the environment in which it’ll be used. It’s not always possible to know where you’ll be using your gel blaster, but if you’re buying one with a plan to use it in a specific environment, then that can help with your decision-making process.

For instance, you’ll know whether you’ll be using the gel blaster to shoot over long or short distances. If you’re playing in a small area, then an electric gel blaster will likely be better, because they’re generally more accurate. If you’ll be shooting in a large space, then a gas gel blaster will be better, since they have a larger shooting range. 

Beginner v Experienced

Finally, consider your experience level. If you’re a newcomer, the ease of use and accuracy of an electric gel blaster will likely be the right option. They’re more beginner-friendly. If you already have some experience playing with gel blasters, then it’ll be best to get a gas gel blaster. Though they’re slightly more complicated to use, gas gel blasters are generally considered better than their electric counterparts.
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