Gel Blasters 101: What You Need to Know Before You Buy Your First Gel Blaster

Gel Blasters 101: What You Need to Know Before You Buy Your First Gel Blaster

So you want to purchase a gel blaster gun? We are going to assume that you know how much is involved in it - it's a great hobby but it can be pretty overwhelming to begin with. Fear not though, we are here to help. Let's take a look at some of the things that you need to know when buying your first gel blaster. 

What kind of gel blaster gun should you get?

In terms of appearance and general style, the conventional gel blaster gun is intended to imitate the look and feel of actual firearms. As a consequence of this factor, there are many distinct categories of gel blasters. You have handguns, rifles, shotguns, submachine weapons, and even light machine guns at your disposal. Each of these several kinds of gel blasters has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, many of which are very comparable to the benefits and drawbacks of their real-world versions.

For example, a pistol is a weapon with a short range that is frequently employed in the role of a secondary blaster. Shotguns are weapons best used in specific circumstances because their slower rate of fire puts the user at a disadvantage. It is recommended that you begin with a rifle in most situations. Something along the lines of an M4 version provides an excellent equilibrium between portability and performance. 

Consider your budget

Gel blasters are not the type of thing that you buy once and then never need to replace again, despite what many people believe. You will not have much experience, but your first blaster will help you get your bearings and give you a rough notion of what you like and do not like. After that, you will begin considering several alternatives, some of which might be more suited to the way you play the game.

After considering everything, the first blaster you buy should cost you no less than a couple of hundred. There is a plethora of different models available at this pricing point, ranging from pistols to submachine guns and rifles. Once you have got the experience and know which sort of blaster you prefer, you can then look at spending more. 

Do you want to mod it?

There are some models that are conducive to modding, while others are much less accommodating to changes.

What would be the purpose of modding a blaster? Why? Well, obviously to improve performance. Your blaster's performance is affected in a variety of unique ways by its many components. For instance, purchasing a high-quality set of gears will not only make the product far more durable, but it will also make it possible to increase the frame rate without risking any damage to the mechanism. In the same vein, a more powerful motor will allow for a quicker rate of fire and a greater number of frames per second. More power can be obtained from batteries of a larger capacity, etc. 


Gel blasters, which often have the appearance of genuine firearms, are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of accessories, just as real guns would be. If you are confident in your ability to use this method of aiming, there is no problem with using the running irons on your blaster.

There are some people who contend that gel blasters are just not accurate enough to call for anything more than iron sights, but on the other hand, it is not always an issue of whether or not it is practicable to do so. There are those individuals who simply desire to have a red dot or an ACOG mounted on their rifle or their DMR. If you have decided that your gel blaster will have all of the available accessories, then you need to make sure that it comes with a sufficient number of Picatinny rails so that it can hold everything.

Learn as you go along

As you continue to play, you will gain insight into what works well for you and what does not. It is hardly a cause for alarm if the first gel blaster you try does not meet all of your expectations. You always have the option to acquire something that is better suited for the way you play. Playing and obtaining some experience is the single most important thing you can do. The rest of the pieces will fall into place.

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