Gel Blasters vs Airsoft

Gel Blasters vs Airsoft

Gel blasters vs airsoft - the ultimate showdown! Who will come out on top? Well, we are here to settle the score once and for all and declare gel blasters as the undisputed winner.



Now, we are not saying that airsoft is a bad hobby - far from it - but let’s face it, gel blasters have a lot going for them. For starters, they are much, much safer than airsoft guns. Who on earth would want to risk being pelted with the hard plastic BBs used in airsoft guns when you can shoot soft and squishy gel-filled balls instead? Not only that, but the lower velocity of gel blasters means less chance of injury. Safety first, folks!


Better for the environment

But it isn’t just safety where gel blasters reign supreme. They are also much more environmentally friendly. Say goodbye to leaving plastic BBs that can harm wildlife and pollute the environment. Gel balls dissolve over time and are biodegradable, so you can feel good about doing your part for the planet at the same time as having fun.


Easy to use and maintain

Let us not forget about the ease of use and maintenance. Gel blasters are a breeze to clean and take apart, unlike airsoft guns which require an awful lot of TLC. Plus, you don’t need any special lubricants or gas, which means you can spend more time having fun and less time having to tinker about with your gear.



Now, we know what you are thinking. “But aren’t gel blasters illegal in Australia?” Nope! Unlike airsoft guns, gel blasters are perfectly legal in most parts of Australia and can be purchased without a license. That means more people can join in on the fun without worrying about breaking the law. 

Fun and community

Not to mention, gel blasters are a great way to improve your aim and hand-eye coordination. Plus, it is a fun way to get some exercise in without realizing it. Who needs a gym membership when you can run around shooting gel balls?

And let’s not forget about the community aspect. Gel blaster events and clubs are popping up all over the place, providing a fun and inclusive environment for players of all ages and skill levels. It is a great way to make new friends and bond over a shared love of the game. 


Affordability and versatility

Another advantage of gel blasters is their affordability. Unlike airsoft guns which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, gel blasters are relatively inexpensive. This means that you can get started with the hobby without breaking the bank.

 They are also incredibly versatile. You can play indoors or outdoors, in small or large groups, and in a variety of modes. From capture the flag to team deathmatch, the possibilities are endless!


Gel Ball Undercover Blasters

So, if you are ready to join the gel blaster party, we highly recommend going with Gel Ball Undercover Blasters for the ultimate experience. These babies are top-notch when it comes to performance and quality. Whether you are looking for a realistic M4A1 or a sleek and speedy SCAR-L, Gel Ball Undercover has got you covered. But wait, there’s more! Gel blasters are not just for serious players. They are perfect for casual backyard battles or weekend skirmishes with friends. And with Gel Ball Undercover Blasters, you will be the envy of all your mates. 

And the best part? Gel Ball Undercover Blasters are built to last. They are made from high-quality materials and can withstand even the toughest battles. Plus, with a huge range of accessories and upgrades available, you can customize your blaster to suit your style and preferences.

Gel Blasters are the better choice for anyone looking for a fun and exciting hobby that is safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to get into. And with Gel Ball Undercover Blasters, you can take your game to the next level and dominate the competition. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Gel Blaster today, and let the games begin!

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