How Much Do Gel Blasts Cost?

How Much Do Gel Blasts Cost?

Searches for “gel blasters Australia” have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years, highlighting its place as one of the country’s favourite hobbies. Given that it has existed for under two decades, the situation is simply incredible.

However, your gel blasting activities will be heavily influenced by the choice of gel blaster. Finding the right gel blaster at the right price will lay the strongest possible foundation. Whether you’re new to the sport or looking for the best-priced gel blasters Australia has to offer, now is the time to make a purchase. Here’s all you need to know about the pricing.

How Much Do Entry-Level Gel Blasters Cost?

Whether stepping into the sport of gel blasting or purchasing a basic gel gun for the home, the great news is that entry-level products are very affordable. Discounted products are sometimes as cheap as $10-$20 while manual pistols are often available for under $30. 

Even if you subsequently develop a deep love of gel blasting, the entry-level products are great for training purposes. Likewise, the iconic designs mean that they will still look amazing in your collection. This is particularly true when considering designs based on the look of legendary weaponry of the past.

How Much Are Gel Blaster Rifles?

When searching for gel blasters Australia, most consumers are looking for rifles. They are available across a wide range of price points. Whether you’re a casual player or a serious gel blasting enthusiast, it won’t be difficult to find a perfect match for your preferences. 

One of the key differentiators is whether you choose a gas or electric gel blaster. The former will cost around $700 for a mid-range solution. For electric gel blasters, a budget-friendly solution will cost in the region of $150. However, you can also find a lot of products in the $200-$500 range with top specs costing $600+. 

Are Better Gel Blaster Rifles Worth It?

Gel Blaster Rifle

When competing on the gel blasting field, it’s likely that you will see at least one player who has all the gear but no idea. Still, this should not cause you to instantly rule them out. An upgraded model could change everything from the feel to the performance of your blaster.

The M4A1 Gen 9 Stage 1 upgrade has been fine-tuned to offer a 30m distance and make it feel like a $1,000 custom rifle. It is almost double the price of the stock model but upgrades to the V2 gearbox and anti-reverse latch spring make the two blasters feel like chalk and cheese. In short, a more expensive rifle is worth it, if you find the right choice for you. 

How Much Are Top Of The Range Gel Blasters?

The gel blasters Australia market is blessed with many fantastic products. If you’re a regular player looking to upgrade your arsenal with a top-spec model, a custom high-pressure air (HPA) blaster could be the perfect choice. The gas gel blasters are incredible.

You will have to pay for the privilege of owning one. In fact, "Raphael" Comp HPA Custom Kit, for example, costs $3,000. For a competitive player, though, features like the STORM CAT 5 Regulator and Gladiatair A48 Aluminium Air-tank make it a worthwhile investment. Besides, the sight of your gel balls exploding on an opponent is priceless.

Are Sniper Gel Blasters Australia Expensive?

Whether it’s long-range training or surveying the gel blasting arena from up high, snipers give you an entirely new way to compete. It takes a lot of skill, especially when hitting a moving target. When you want an advanced challenge and heightened satisfaction, sniping is ideal. 

Gel blaster snipers aren’t nearly as expensive as many new customers think, either. The $100-$150 range will get you a decent enough piece. Meanwhile, the $300-$500 range will fetch you one like the CA 700 Black-Out Tactical Metal Sniper Rifle. If you thought a headshot on Call of Duty was thrilling, you’ve seen nothing yet. Gel sniping is the answer.

How Expensive Are Gel Blaster Shotguns?

The dilemma between shotguns and air rifles is one that thousands of gel-blasting enthusiasts will encounter. When competing at short range, shotguns are the perfect choice of air blaster. There are some truly brilliant options available.

You can pick up a pump action gel blaster shotgun for $100. Metal barrels, sling points, and attachments ensure great durability. Running around with a trusty gel shotgun will allow you to get multiple players out of the game if you can get close enough to them. Given that you need to feel confident with the mechanism, it’s worth buying your own blaster.

What About Gel Blasters For Kids?

Gel Blaster For Kids

Nanny might not be thrilled that you’re thinking about buying a gel blaster for your son or daughter, but who cares? Your kids will love gel blasting and it’s a fantastic way for them to keep fit and develop their coordination. Better still, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Our extensive range of gel blasters Australia includes several kids' models, including the super fun Electric M4A1 Hopper Fed Rifle. Even with the addition of gel balls and practice shooting targets, you’ll see change from $100. It’s basically the same price as a video game. If you ask us, deciding which offers better value is easy.

What Else Is Needed To Build A Kit

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that quality gel blasters Australia should be the first item on any player’s wishlist. To complete your setup, though, you will want to consider chargers, silencers, handguards, bipods, and other accessories. This is in addition to gel balls.

If you are planning to compete (recreationally or otherwise), it is important to get comfortable tactical gear too. Vests, holsters, and face masks are all key additions while the right choice of footwear will allow you to maintain the enjoyment levels for many rounds to come. You will look and feel the part from the first shot to the last.

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