How to choose the perfect Gel Blaster Gift

How to choose the perfect Gel Blaster Gift

In the world of outdoor recreational activities, gel blaster guns have carved out a unique niche. They offer all the thrill of typical airsoft and paintball games. But at the same time they are a safe alternative, significantly reducing the risks of injuries. It’s definitely something worth knowing, especially if you are on the hunt for a fun gift for a child. You want to be able to explain to the parents that a gel blaster gift is, in fact, safe to use!

That being said, there are so many different products around that it can be overwhelming to make the perfect choice. At GBU, we’re here to guide you so you can select the ideal gel blaster for the recipient. Ultimately, a 10-year-old child will not have the same needs and agility as an adult. So, that’s why this comprehensive guide aims to provide valuable insights so  you can pick the perfect gel blaster gift based on age and experience. 


A brief review of gel blaster guns

If you are new to the world of gel blasters or if you are concerned about buying a GB gun to someone who doesn’t know gel blasting, it’s important to gain a clear understanding of what these guns are. 

Essentially, a gel blaster gun, or gel blaster for short, uses small water-absorbent gel beads. It is a change from other play guns, which can use hard plastic beads or dye-filled gel capsules. Both can lead to injuries and bruises. On the other hand, gel blaster beads become soft and pliable projectiles when they are hydrated. They do not hurt. Besides, unlike many other projectiles, they are environmentally friendly. So, the overall experience is much more enjoyable. 

That being said, you still want to be using protection when playing with a gel blaster. 

Choosing the right gel blaster based on age

There is a blaster gel for everyone who is old enough to use it. This also includes children, so here are our top tips to make the right choice. 

Younger kids - 6 to 10

Safety takes precedence when it comes to the choice of a gel blaster gun for young children. You want to consider the behaviour of each child. We wouldn’t recommend buying a gel blaster gun to a rough player who is unlikely to follow instructions, for instance. Yet, for young children who have a good body and aim coordination and follow instructions, a gel blaster can be a fun game. 

Ideally, you want to opt for blasters that prioritise simple features and manoeuvrability. Kids' guns need to be smaller, lighter, and easy to hold for smaller hands. Additionally, you will need to choose gel blasters with a lower velocity to ensure greater safety.   

The Gel Strike Ultimate XF-21 is a fantastic choice as a first gel blaster. It features a simple loading function with a top hopper bottle and a functional barrel for holding. 

Similarly, the Kids Electric Scar Hopper Fed Rifle is similar in build, using the same loading system. But, it is closer in look and feel to a grown-up girl blaster rifle. 

Pre-Teens - 11 to 13

Pre-teens are in this age group where they are aware they are not young kids anymore, but they are also not old or tall enough to use high performance gel blaster guns. Our kids’s section also has a suitable range of gel blaster choices for these young players. 

Now’s the right time to start looking for a blaster that looks the part but is still easy to handle for small hands. 

The Electric Desert Eagle Gel Blaster is fitted with a hopper-fed design for continuous firing, and a functional barrel for added accuracy. It doesn’t look childish but remains compact for small hands. 


Teenagers - 14 to 17

Adolescents seek excitement and enhanced performances. They are strong enough to hold bigger or faster gel blaster guns. More importantly, you can safely move away from compact designs. Their hands are fully grown at that point. 

For safety reasons, we still recommend guns in our kids’ section for this age group. However, you can also move to the grown-up collection if you prefer. 

The LH Hk416D Terminator Gel Blaster is a full rifle gun with a 500+ mag capacity. It is highly accurate and even uses a functioning laser for better aim. 


Adults - 18 and Over

We encourage you to check out our range of gel blaster rifles, pistols and other guns. Shooting preferences will determine the right gel blaster for each person.

Yet, for inexperienced adults who have never used a play gun, we would still recommend getting them started with the Gel Strike Ultimate XF-21, which is perfect for all age groups. 

Hopefully, this gives you a good starting point to find the perfect gel blaster gift! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our team for more. 

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