How To Get Started in Professional Gel Balling

How To Get Started in Professional Gel Balling

Gel balling is a term that you may have come across, but if you are one of the uninitiated, let's show you exactly what it is. Let's give you a Professional Gel Balling 101, and how you can get started.

What Is Gel Balling?

Gel balling is a sport not too dissimilar to paintball and combines paintball and airsoft. The big difference is that in gel balling players shoot gel balls from special water guns known as gel blasters, which are similar to paintballs, but with a much softer impact. When playing gel balling, players still wear protective gear and play in the right environment, but gel balling is a reputable alternative to the already popular paintball.

Why Play Gel Ball?

Many people would think that gel balling is just an inferior version of paintballing. The reality is the gel balling is incredibly fun, perhaps more so! There are many benefits to getting started in gel balling, including the following: 

  • It’s an ideal sport for all ages and is enjoyed by children and adults. 
  • It's simple to get started. If you want to get started with gel balling, all you need is a gel blaster and some protective equipment. If you're looking to buy a gel blaster in Australia, Gel Ball Undercover can provide you with everything you need. 
  • It's great strategy-based work, as players need to think on their feet and need to adapt in a gel ball environment. 
  • It's great for exercise. For those who are not particularly skilled in the world of balling, it requires people to think on their feet. It's a great workout, all without doing any crunches or push-ups!

What Equipment Is Needed for Gel Balling?

Gel balling requires guns that fires projectiles in a similar vein to paintballing, but the difference between paintball guns and gel ball guns is that gel weapons tend to look more realistic, not just to mimic the look of real-life weapons, but the accuracy of the look is also replicated right down to the mechanics of the gun. Let's show you some essential accessories you need to get started in gel balling.

Gel Blasters

Gel blasters are designed to look like real guns. It's not just about the look; they replicate the behaviour of the weapon too. When you operate a gel balling gun, the reloading, rate of fire, and even the material it is made from are as authentic to the real-life counterpart as possible. You can get a number of different gel blasters, including sniper gel blasters, shotgun gel blasters, and pistol gel blasters.


The ammunition for gel blasters is made from sodium polyacrylate, which is a water-absorbing polymer, where you put the beads in water, which swells into the balls you load into your gel ball weapon. There are different types of gel balls, such as air gel balls, water gel balls, and foam gel balls. Each type of gel ball has its unique benefits, but the greatest thing about all of these materials is that they are environmentally friendly.


There are a huge range of accessories to personalise your weapons, such as scopes, barrels, and lasers.

How To Prepare for Your First Gel Balling Session

If you love the idea of intense action sequences and you've never been involved in laser tag or paintball, gel balling might be ideal for you. If you want to get started, it's not just about having the equipment, but about ensuring you are prepared. Here are a few things to consider:

Target Practice

Gel balling is all about accuracy. Take the time to practice with smaller targets, but ensure that you are in an enclosed area where nobody could get accidentally hit. While gel balls do not cause pain if they hit somebody from a distance, it can hurt up close; you need to make sure that you keep your equipment out of the reach of little hands. 

Find Like-Minded People

If you want to play gel balling, you need to find a community of players. Gel balling involves two teams that will compete against each other. You could find a number of social media platforms and become part of the community. 

Be Mentally Prepared

In addition to the physical rigours of the sport, you need to be ready for the intensity of the game. Being hit by competitors can be a shock to the system, especially if you're not used to it, but if you want to get started in professional gel balling, you soon get used to it!

Gel balling is an amazing sport that you can get a lot out of, just as long as you know how to get started properly. It’s time to get the ball rolling! 

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