Playing Gel Blasters in Different Environments: Tips for Outdoor and Indoor Play

Playing Gel Blasters in Different Environments: Tips for Outdoor and Indoor Play

If you’re interested in giving Gel Blasters a try, then you’ve got a lot to look forward to. However, with that comes a lot to learn, especially if you want to give it your best try! Whether you’re playing Gel Blasters indoors or outdoors can make the world of difference, and there’s a lot that’s going to change based on that environment.

If you’re not aware already, games involving Gel Blasters are very active, and it’s a great workout, but it’s also very competitive - which is why players can be so torn over what they find to be their favourite environment when playing. 

Considering the weather

One of the first things that should come to mind is the weather. Indoor playing isn’t going to be affected much, and if you’re not a fan of the rain or the cold - then indoor Gel Blasting is likely going to be the better choice for you - unless you manage to plan your day during good weather.

Even if you don’t mind a more weathered experience, you should know that heavy rains are going to affect how you have to play. You’re going to get a lot muddier, it’s going to be slippery, and more active games like capture the flag are going to feel like a struggle. That’s a lot of fun for some, but it’s not everyone’s ideal pick.

Indoor games are going to be a lot more straightforward for you, but they’re of course not without their downsides. It’s worth considering that the temperature of indoor games can easily be regulated, so if it’s cold out - you can be nice and warm inside. On the other hand, air conditioning is there for you if it’s too warm out. You don’t want to be running around and giving it your all when you’re overheating - it’s not healthy, and it’s not practical.

Outdoor space

While indoor spaces can offer a lot of variety for your Gelball games, there’s generally a lot less space. You might find halls and branching hallways depending on where you’re headed, but if you’re looking to have an open game with a lot less restriction on your movement - outdoor spaces have exactly what you need. There are often obstacles, buildings, and such on these outdoor fields, and they’re designed to make the game more interesting; all the while giving you the freedom a lot of players are looking for. With that said, you should always make sure to check out the site before you book your day there, just in case you’re not happy with the scenery that’s available.

Outdoor spaces will often have a lot of trees and natural obstacles that you can make use of, which can make for much longer and more tactical games - which most players enjoy when Gel Blasting. Again, this will of course be affected by the weather, but that comes down to what you’re looking to experience.

Different playstyles

One of the most important differences between the two environments when playing Gel Blasters is the playstyle that you’re going to experience. Indoor environments are going to be a lot more CQB, and the games and rules are going to be based on that. It’s much faster paced, some would argue more difficult, and you’re going to have to be quicker with your reflexes - especially if you’re playing against frequent players.

Outdoor games can feel much slower, because there’s a lot more ground to cover, more places you can hide and rest with your group, and bigger game plans you can take part in. you might even find that outdoor games will have more people, which can make it easier to play - there are more targets for the opposing team to pick from.

Environmentally friendly

One concern you might have about playing Gel Blasters outside is the impact you’re having on the environment. Surely leaving all of that mess around after you’ve played isn’t great for nature. However, Gel Blasters, like the ones you can get from Gel Ball Undercover, don’t leave a mess that nature can’t break down. The gel balls are biodegradable, and will naturally degrade over time - meaning any mess made outside is going to handle itself! Unlike games like airsoft, it’s much less of a hassle to deal with, and you can play without a guilty conscience.

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