Why quality over price is important when choosing a Gel Blaster

Why quality over price is important when choosing a Gel Blaster

If you are a gel blaster enthusiast, you've probably considered whether you should buy one. After all, there are plenty of places where you could go to buy a gel blaster in Australia. So, it's important to understand clearly what you need to expect and what you are after. 

Indeed, gel blasters can be hugely exciting for their life-like gun structure and shape, even though they are classed as toys. As toys, gel blasters are typically used in activities like paintball and laser tag games. So, if you are a frequent participant in those games, it may be worth investing in your own gel blaster. 

Beware, however, gel blasters are only legal to use without a licence or permit in Queensland, where it is not classified as a weapon. You will need a valid licence in other states where they as recognised as firearms. Even though a gel blaster gun is a toy gun, you could still be charged by the police and face a fine or even jail time if you are found illegally possessing or using one in your state. So, before considering the best place to find a quality gel blaster in Australia, it's worth getting familiar with the local regulations. 

That being said, though, if you are an authorised user and wish to choose a gel blaster for recreational activities, there is an important question to consider as a newcomer: how do you find the best gel blaster for you? At GBU, we help our customers appreciate gel blaster guns in terms of quality rather than price. Here is why more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. 

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Get familiar with gel blaster models

There is a variety of gel blaster models to choose from. The model will dramatically affect your game persona. Indeed, in a game, you could assume one or more personas, being either a shotgunner, a sniper, or even a rifle person. As not all models are made the same, they will not perform the same depending on how you choose to use the gel blaster gun. Some models are better suited for shotgun use in hunting capacity, while others excel in rifle positions. It may be worth playing a few games first to define your favourite role and where your skills are best used. Identifying the right in-game persona(s) for you will help you find the right model, regardless of the price tag. 

A lighter gel blaster is always a better choice

Weight can significantly alter manoeuvrability and speed in game. A heavy gel blaster will hinder your progress and performance, leading to getting tired more rapidly, which you impact:

  • Your ability to aim effectively
  • Your chance to surprise or attack the other team 
  • Your opportunity to participate in long games or multiple games

It could also lead to excess muscle drain, which can even put you at risk of injury with repeated movements. Therefore, quality gel blaster guns are more likely to focus on being lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.  

Understand the shooting performance

We recommend trying out gel blaster guns to compare behaviour and performance before making your choice. Performance may vary depending on your level of shooting, so it is worth always asking to try the gun or a same-model gun. Additionally, the manufacturer's manual will also describe the performance level. As a rule of thumb, it is safe for licensed users to buy a gel blaster in Australia as long as it performs as described by the manufacturer. At GBU, we strongly advise against buying second-hand guns that may not perform anymore as they should or used to. 

Compare the shooting range

The shooting range of a gel blaster refers to how a gel blaster shoot will go. As battlefields may vary, it is crucial to pick a shooting range that meets your requirements. Different models will have different shooting ranges, typically ranging from 18 metres to 25 metres on average. Smaller guns tend to have a shorter firing range, and larger rifles will typically reach the farthest. Ideally, there is no need for your gel blaster gun to shoot much over the 25-metre mark on Australian battlegrounds. The longer the range, the less accurate the result may be. So, if you tend to play in a small facility, a shorter range may be preferable, keeping the game tactical and interesting for players. 

Consider the maintenance routine and warranty

Once you decide to purchase a gel blaster gun, you need to educate yourself about maintenance requirements and eventual maintenance costs. A low-quality gun may require more maintenance care to remain functional or may not come with a suitable warranty for repair costs. So, make sure you pick the right device for long-term use and investment. 

Are you ready to buy a gel blaster in Australia? Hopefully, these few tips can provide the guidance you need. If you are still unsure where to start, reach out to one of the most trusted premium gel blaster shops in Australia, GBU. Our team of experts is available 365 days a year for advice.

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