Blaster Care

Basic Blaster Handling

As much as a blaster can take a good beating, we always encourage customers to handle with care from purchase to home and then to gameday. The most common mistake people make is putting batteries in then pulling them out without care which leads to broken adaptors and faulty leads.
PLEASE when handling your blaster do everything with care to avoid any small breakages and faulty wires.

Blaster Treatment

Always check with store if the blaster you will purchase can take an upgraded 11.1V battery, a lot of blaster are compatible but if not can lead to short circuiting and frying the mother board.
Gel Blasters are electric and spring powered toy guns. Always detach battery when you are finished with your blaster to avoid battery damage. Always check your t piece is free from gel balls before putting your blaster away. They are manufactured, designed and created for the intended use as toys. 

Recommended age is 12 years and up. Parent supervision is advised as well as using protective eyewear.

Blaster Care/Maintenance

Keep blaster away from moisture/ rain. Do not fill dripping wet Gel Balls in your Blaster (Gel Balls should be moist but not dripping wet, see instruction).

• Do not leave Gel Balls in Blaster for extended periods if not in use.

• Remove battery from Blaster when not in use.

• Do not dry-fire. Do not block barrel while firing.

• Never pull the top slide against the mechanism.

• Some automatic pistols have the blow-back feature where the top. slides back and forth with every shot.

• DO NOT manually pull on the slide.

• Blaster servicing and repairs should be carried out by a qualified professional.