Are Gel Blasters Safe For Kids & Pets?

Are Gel Blasters Safe For Kids & Pets?

Gel blasters are becoming tremendously popular. Estimates suggest more than 350,000 are circulating in the South Australian community alone. 

We know blasters are safe for adults when used properly. But what about kids and pets? 

That’s the question we broach in this post. We look at some precautions you’ll want to take and how to put safety first to prevent tears and injuries. 

Gel Blaster Safety For Kids

Gel blasters are relatively safe for children. However, the usual caveats apply. 

As always, there is a risk of choking hazard from gel beads in young children. Gel Balls can look like candies to young eyes and many kids under three will instinctively put them in their mouths if given an opportunity. 

The risk of misuse also applies. Kids may not use gel blasters responsibly. The main hazard is to the eyes. Children can accidentally shoot themselves in the face, causing severe injuries. However, they may also shoot each other. 

So How How Can You Make Gel Blasters Safe For Kids?

Fortunately, adults can make the use of gel blasters safe for kids. It just requires a little common sense. 

Start by supervising children during play. Don’t leave them on their own with gel blasters. 

Also, enforce sensible safety rules. Everyone should be wearing safety glasses and no one should be shooting at each other. If anyone breaks these rules, end playtime immediately. 

It’s also a good idea to follow product guidelines when choosing kids’ gel blasters. Don’t give children equipment designed for adults. 

Special kids gel blasters are available that are lightweight, safe, and easy to handle. These add to the fun and entertainment while reducing the risk of injury. 

Gel Blaster Safety For Pets

Unless you own a monkey, your pets will not play with gel blasters. However, that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. 

As with kids, animals of all ages are prone to eating gel balls. Therefore, you should keep them in a safe place. 

If you are particularly worried, buy non-toxic products. These shouldn’t cause harm, even if your dog breaks into your shed drawer and starts munching on them. 

Finally, being shot might cause stress for some animals. Cats will usually avoid play areas, while dogs might try to get involved, so check on your animals regularly if they are there with you. 

How To Keep Pets Safe

If you are worried about gel blaster use around animals, keep them inside while the fun unfolds. You can also supervise them during play and see how it affects them. Most animals will be perfectly happy because gel blasters don’t make loud bangs, but some will still feel scared by the commotion. 

Don’t shoot pets directly. If there’s a risk this might happen, keep them inside. 

What Gel Blasters Are Available For Kids? 

Various gel blasters are available for kids and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Manufacturers make them to be ergonomic for children with small hands and muscles. 

  • Pistols. Pistols are a fun gel blaster format that offers a tactical feel. Units offer solid, realistic shooting and are suitable for shooting targets 10+ metres away. Some models come with advanced nozzles that help to direct gel beads more reliably in the direction of targets.
  • Rifles. Rifles are another gel blaster format offering more power and performance, with some models capable of thrusting beads at 240 feet per second. Children can customise their blasters with colours and designs, and learn how to use equipment with the supplied instruction manual.

  • Sniper rifle. Sniper rifles take the rifle concept to the next level. These have scopes and elongated barrels, allowing kids to practise shots with utmost accuracy. Some blasters include accessories, like cardboard targets, safety glasses and noise-suppression attachments for improved sound dynamics. 

  • Semi-automatic. Semi-automatic gel blasters are a halfway option between pistols and rifles. Manufacturers use high-quality nylon construction, aluminium barrels, mag-fed gel ball feeding mechanisms, and enhanced nozzle delivery. These blasters are suitable for target shooting up to 20 metres and often come with free gel ball packs. 

  • Fun blasters. Finally, kids can benefit from fun gel blasters – a more toy-like range for younger children. These have funky, non-threatening designs and special external compartments for gel beads, still offering the high quality of adult blasters. 

We have a wide range of kids blasters you can explore here:


Adults should choose gel blasters that are age-appropriate for children. Products designed for people over 18 aren’t always right for younger people, even if they seem similar. 

What Safety Gear Do Kids Need For Gel Blasting?

Eye protection is mandatory safety gear for kids' gel blasting (as discussed above). Where possible, look for anti-fogging goggles. These won’t block children’s view of the target and will encourage continuous use (since kids can see where they are going). 

Getting kids to wear a face mask is another option. These aren’t essential, but additional safety if shot. Masks are particularly useful for younger children with more sensitive faces. Appliances take the energy out of beads before they reach the face, stopping them from causing damage. 

Long sleeves and pants are also a good idea for children. While gel blasters won’t cause serious injury, an extra layer of protection reduces impact damage and makes bruises and scratches less likely. 

Wrapping Up

So, are gel blasters safe for kids and pets? In general, the answer is a strong “yes.” However, supervision is key. Things can go wrong quickly if adults aren’t present. 

If kids use gel blasters, ensure they wear safety equipment at all times. Any deviation from this should result in the end of play. 

Furthermore, check the blasters kids are using are age-appropriate. Look for manufacturers offering lighter weight and a low firing point. 

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